Land Clearing Services: When You Need Experienced Professionals

Slater’s Tree Care provides brush and land clearing services for fire clearance requirements or simply a general clean-up for aesthetic purposes.

As one of Sonoma County’s trusted land clearing companies, we have the crews and equipment needed.

We can handle small to large land clearing projects as well as demolition services for new construction and landscape projects.

Our equipment includes big chippers, track loaders and 279-D skid steers.

Slater’s has performed tree and brush clearing services from the most delicate zero-impact native habitat restoration projects to complete demolition for complete landscape renovation. Our crews are also experienced in both pre and post-fire land clearing.

Vegetation Management

Whether your goal is to reduce fire risk, eliminate hazardous or undesirable vegetation, or prepare for development, we offer the following services to meet your vegetation management needs.

Land and Lot Clearing

We provide the land clearing services you require to clean up your property even after multiple years of overgrowth.

Whether you are ready to build or just want to cut down and remove an overgrowth of foliage, weeds and brush, Slater’s can help.

We have the equipment and experienced crews to handle large jobs on diverse terrain in an efficient, cost-effective manner.

Read about our debris hauling services.

Tree Pruning and Trimming

Trimming and pruning is recommended to improve the appearance and health of your trees. We can trim dead branches and limbs that are too close to your home that pose a fire risk.

We chip the resulting tree limbs, branches and brush, which can be left on-site and used as a mulch if desired. See tree pruning services.

Tree and Stump Removal

Slater’s can remove specific trees you want removed and recommend the removal of hazardous trees. In areas where tree growth is overly dense, we can remove a series of trees to improve appearance, visibility and reduce fire-hazard conditions.

Our large stump grinding machine can easily remove existing or remaining stumps. We specialize in large tree removal, and we have a modern heavy-duty crane to hoist large wood pieces into our trucks to be hauled away. Learn about our tree removal services.

Brush Clearing Services and Chipping

Steep slopes, rocky uneven terrain or great tree density present situations that are not conducive to mastication, we remove brush from the ground by hand. Our trained personnel have the know-how to successfully complete the job in these challenging environments.

Fire Readiness / Defensible Space

Cal Fire now requires property owners to maintain 100 feet of defensible space. Our crews have experience in both pre and post-fire cleaning. They know what’s needed to be in compliance with the law, and will cut trees and brush back to meet the 100-foot clearance requirement.

We can also raise your tree canopies to a 10-foot height. This reduces ladder fuels to meet the recommendations of Cal Fire and other fire departments to help ensure fire safety. More on defensible space / fire readiness.

For more information about our land clearing services, please contact us.

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