Looking for a Tree Chipping Service in Santa Rosa, Sonoma County?

Thanks to Slater’s tree chipping service, debris will never be left behind when our tree specialists remove trees, shrubs or bushes from your property.

We will chip all branches and larger materials into shreds and completely remove them. Or, as an option, you can ask to keep the wood chips on your property to be used as landscaping ground cover or wood chip mulch.

We Turn Limbs and Branches into Mulch

If you have recently trimmed low-hanging branches or removed bushes or brush, and now you’re left with a lot of debris, give us a call. We’ll stop by with our power chipper—a commercial wood chipper and trailer unit and get the job done FAST!

You may need a tree branch chipping service:

  • After trimming trees and large shrubs.
  • When doing demolition on your property.
  • Following a storm that leaves downed trees or branches.
  • When you or a tree service take down diseased or damaged trees.
  • If you’re doing land clearing and defensible space work.

That last point is particularly important in California, since wildfires can quickly feed on brush left on your property.

Don’t Attempt Tree Chipping Yourself

Over 100 people are killed—and thousands more are injured every year—in the US attempting tree chipping on their own.

Our tree branch chipping service is not only the most convenient option, but it is also much safer for you. It may also be more economical.

Wood chipping may look easy, but it can be time consuming and messy. Plus, there’s the expense and inconvenience of renting a wood chipper and hauling it to your property.

Turn Tree Debris into Something Useful

If you’ve been trimming trees on your own, your options are to:

  • Have us chip them and haul them away from your property for free. Or…
  • Keep them on your property for use as landscaping mulch for your flower beds, xeriscaped lawn or other areas where you want to suppress weed growth.

If you do keep the wood chips, tree service pros like Slaters can save you time by dispersing it as mulch, including broadcast distribution in large areas.

Slater’s Tree Care is ready to help you. We provide affordable rates and expert quality service with guaranteed 100% customer satisfaction.

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