One aspect of our landscape that is often taken for granted is the trees. Sometimes it takes a lightning strike or a shaky branch dangling above our house for a tree to grab our attention. However, you can adhere to a few simple tree maintenance tips to keep your garden looking more stunning than ever. This blog will outline common tree care tips for maintaining your trees.

1. Weed Out Invasive Plants

Try to remove invasive species such as Ivy, Japanese, and wisteria that can harm trees as much as possible. You can do this by collecting moisture around the root collar or obstructing leaves from getting enough sunlight. Try not to pluck the stems from the bark, as this could result in more damage. Instead, remove these plants by cutting them close to the ground.

2. Periodically Apply Water

Even though trees can generally survive on rainwater, sometimes getting the required water cannot be easy. Trees may find it difficult to acquire the water they need to grow during periods like protracted winters and prolonged heat spells. From time to time, pour water carefully around the roots so the tree has time to absorb them.

3. Remove Dead Trees

According to IBIS world, in terms of revenue, the market for trimming tree services will be worth $29.1billion in 2022. Sometimes the only practical course of action is to remove a tree if it causes an obstacle or crowds out nearby plants or buildings. When you’ve evaluated your tree risk and decided removal is necessary, reach out to an expert tree service. A reputable tree care service company will grind or chop the stump and take care disposing of the logs and brush.

4. Manage the Soil Conditions

When you plant your tree, choose the ideal soil mixture to put it on the road to healthy growth. When planting a tree or shrub, combining the original soil and 10–20% compost works well as backfill. A soil test can determine the right fertilizer to use if you think the earth lacks nutrients.

5. Schedule An Arborist Inspection

Finally, arrange for an arborist tree care service to evaluate the trees. The expert inspection will assist in resolving problems with your trees like decay, disease, dead branches, and cracks. They can also offer you tips that you can employ to keep your trees in good health.

You can maintain beautiful, healthy trees by following the tips mentioned above. If you’re looking for tree experts you can trust, contact Slaters Tree Care today!