Haul Away Debris with Slater’s Yard Debris Hauling Service

Debris hauling has become more important than ever. In addition to the standard esthetic reasons for clearing debris from your property, Californians are now hard at work clearing land to improve fire readiness.

Regardless of why you need brush removal, Slaters Tree Care can handle all your brush removal projects. This includes clearing tree debris, overgrown shrubs and yard debris.

We have the necessary equipment and trained personnel needed for the job. We also have the trucks, chippers and trained crew to professionally remove overgrown shrubs, leaving your trees healthy and landscape beautiful. We will haul away debris and dispose of it at affordable rates.

Our projects range in scale from clearing residential property for safety, esthetics and ease of access to preparing businesses for grading and landscaping—even full-scale lot clearing prior to major construction.

Turn Your Santa Rosa Property into a Beautiful Space

When you look at your outdoor spaces, what do you see? Is it clean and open, spacious and beautiful? If not, and your property is cluttered with downed branches, brush and other debris, then call Slater’s Tree Care.

If you’re preparing land for new construction, or clearing land for a new vineyard or other commercial use, you’ll need a professional to haul away debris.

Slater’s Tree Care offers land clearing services for large and small spaces on residential, commercial, and industrial properties. As your property and yard debris hauling specialist, our services include removing:

  • Trees
  • Stumps
  • Brush
  • Ivy and poison oak
  • Blackberry bushes
  • Unwanted shrubs
  • Fallen limbs and branches
  • Leaves

We perform all clearing operations with precision and remove any remaining debris. We have the personnel and equipment to complete the job quickly and efficiently on any size lot.

We make it easy to develop the area around your home or business hassle and worry-free. Let us help you prepare your yard, garden, courtyard, or lot to achieve its full potential.

As tree specialists, we value native trees and the stability of an area after our job is done. That’s why we plan every clearing project with careful consideration of what should go and what should stay. Our precise and mindful operators are mindful about removing unwanted natural debris without damaging surrounding trees and land.

Call Slater’s Tree Care today for a free estimate and to discuss your property and yard debris hauling options.

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