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Tree removal service is needed for health, safety or esthetic reasons, or when they interfere with utility wires, other trees, structures and driveways.

During extreme weather, falling trees or large branches can cause serious damage to structures, cars and people.

When a tree poses a risk of damaging property, it is considered hazardous and is subject to removal.

However, there are other reasons for tree removal. When a tree blocks a beautiful view, casts a shadow over a garden or solar array, or does not fit into the cosmetics of the rest of your property, that tree may also be a candidate for removal.

Trees are often planted without regard to their mature tree size. When they grow to become too large for their location, or are affected by disease or damage, then you will need the help of local tree removal companies like us.

Call Slater’s Tree Care for removal of any tree–big or small—at affordable rates.

Tree Removal Costs

Tree removal costs are dependent on various factors:

  • The size of the tree (we can remove large Redwoods, too…
  • Where it’s located
  • Equipment needed
  • Customer specifications
  • Risk and safety concerns
  • Crew and time required

If you have a concern about any of your trees, Slater’s will provide a free inspection.  We will assess the tree’s health and condition, and then make recommendations for saving or removing the tree(s).

Santa Rosa Commercial Tree Service

Slater’s also provides commercial tree care service to property management companies, HOAs and apartment complexes. We provide commercial tree services such as:

  • Tree removal
  • Hazard reduction pruning (for unsafe or overweight limbs)
  • Raising low-hanging canopies for pedestrian walkways and sidewalks.
  • Building encroachment pruning (to achieve proper building clearances)
  • Meeting vehicle clearances over parking lots and streets per city height requirement codes

At Slater’s Tree Care we have the staff available to thoroughly and professionally maintain trees, from the smallest to the largest facilities.

Often Needed with Tree Removal Service

If you are considering tree removal service, Sonoma County based Slater’s also provides these services that are typically needed during or following tree removal:

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